New Radio IF 9MHz Commands

New Radio IF 9MHz Commands

Here are pictures of LCD panel in different modes of transceiver with commands description. The functions that we support are easy switching between the main frequencies, tuning of generators, setup of memory channels.

Base Functions

Shows RX/TX receive or transmit, base frequency, LSB/USB/CW and step (1Hz, 10Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100KHz)
Mode for tune, from -99 999Hz to +99 999Hz
Mode for direct entering of frequency from keyboard.
Mode for save current frequency in one of the 40 channels memory. Also it saves state of the buttons on front panel. (ATT, AMP,+10db and VOX)
Mode for load frequency and settings from one of the 40 channels in memory.
Mode for changing diapason.
Mode for working on two frequency A/B. A is used for receive and B is used for transmit.
Mode to change B to be for receive and A to be for transmit.
You can enter direct frequency for one of A/B directly from the keyboard.

Settings and Calibrating

Mode for set diapason of the 5 base generators which cover all 0.5-30MHz diapason.
Mode for calibrating DDS. It can be calibrated separately for each diapason to achieve very accurate showing of working frequency on the LCD.
Mode to choose diapason for calibrating.

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